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yaotomeshinju's Journal

- Yaotome Shinju-

My Name Suzuki Shinju, I love Yaotome Hikaru from Hey Say JUMP and I love all JE.

Hobby/ Intersted in:
- I like drawing, reading, and writing.
- I can spent my whole day just for reading. Because, when I start to read a book, I can’t stop it until I finish it!
- I like possing and being photographed. I pose automatically when I see camera aim on me. Te-hee~
- Loved sour fruits, white lily
- My fav color is green, grey, brown, blue, black, and white. Gold and Silver too.
- I love dancing. I’m dancing since in kindergarden. But, It’s really hard for me to spent my time to doing it.
- I’m mirror addict! I can stand in front of mirror for a long time.
- Love something unusual and different but still cute.

Hates/ dislikes
- Played by someone
- Cats and ghost. I’m scared about that.
- Durians, jackfruits and sapodilla. I think the taste of those fruits are YUCKS!
- Bitter and spicy taste
- Feel weak
- Crying in front of people
- Appeal for something
- Lied by someone
- Feel useless, meanless and lonely.
- Cried for myself.

- I love Japan! Go there, get Scolarship and live there are my DREAMS
- Love Japanese boys too.. especially the cuties :P
- Love Hey! Say! JUMP and JE’s so much
- Want to be an Illustrator and Animator
- Mrs. Marry Grandpre is the one who makes me want to be an illustrator. She is amazing!
- My Japanese fav illustrator is Yumiko Kayukawa. Her illustration was so cute and I admire the way she draw animals.
- My favorite books author is J.K Rowling, Phillips Pullman, Andrea Hirata, Agatha Christie and Charles Dickens.
- Like Vandaria Saga. I think those novels are amazing and full of imagination. Makes me curious!
- I’m a moody girl.
- Prever being sarcastic than irony.
- Could never forget about my dreams for a single moment and always think that I must reach them.
- Believe about “Nothing is Impossible”.
- Believe about myself and my ability. When I try harder to do something, I can achieve it and get more than my target.
- “One Day I’ll Reach The Sky and Catch The Stars” is my mottos.
- Keep my problem by myself. Can’t tell it easily even it to my friends. But, sometimes that’s makes me crazy.
- Easily to cry. That’s makes everyone tell that I’m crybaby.
- Always like to learn something new.
- Forgive someone easily, but to believe them again, that’s hard for me.
- I can tell something rude when I’m angry, but after that I’ll apologize.
- Apologizing it’s something hard for me. I’ll cry or have teary eyes when I say “sorry”. Because I’ll apologize only when I feel really sorry.
- Like boys who have ambitions or targets in his live.
- Sometimes like a goodboys but sometimes interested in a badboys

That’s about me, just ask me and being my friend if you want to know more^^